Honeycomb Turbine Weighted Bubbler

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8″ Tall bubbler with honeycomb and turbine percolators. Its unique design is very effective and sturdy.

This bubbler starts off with a mini honeycomb percolator, one of the best available today. In terms of perc power they’re as good if not better than most other percolators. Additionally, because they’re disc percolators, a lot of them can fit into a small vertical space. Furthermore, the fact that they’re one solid piece makes them difficult to break. Finally, the numerous holes don’t create much drag, which means you can consistently get a perfect hit without being slowed down.

This bubbler also incorporates the very visually interesting turbine percolator into an already unique design. The main reason we like this bubbler so much is the design. The extra large cavity in lieu of a base means that you can fill it with water, making this piece very bottom heavy and difficult to knock over. Because the mouthpiece is offset from the central tube, you can pull as hard as you like without ever worrying about pulling water. Finally, the placement of the bowl gives you a good view of your herb or nail for when you’re smoking. The smaller honeycomb perc isn’t quite as effective as a full sized one, but the unique and efficient design more than make up for that small loss.

Comes With

  • 14.4mm Male Glass Bowl


  • Height: 8″ or 20cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Percolators: 2
  • Perc Power: 280
  • Joint: 14.4mm Female
  • Cooling Power: 100
  • Drag: 5%
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8″ or 20cm



Comes With:

14.4mm Male Glass Bowl





Perc Power



14.4mm Female

Cooling Power





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