Honeycomb Faberge Matrix Tube

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20″ tall straight tube with inline, honeycomb, faberge, and matrix percolators with stylized and white colored accents.

This stemless tube starts with a honeycomb percolator, which is one of the best percolators available today. In terms of perc power they’re as good if not better than most other percolators. Additionally, because they’re disc percolators, a lot of them can fit into a small vertical space. Furthermore, the fact that they’re one solid piece makes them difficult to break, making them perfect for thicker (7mm+) pieces. Finally, the numerous holes don’t create much drag, which means you can consistently get a perfect hit without being slowed down.

In this piece, the faberge perc is coupled with the honeycomb percolator below. Faberge percolators are often misunderstood, but contrary to common belief, they do serve a functional purpose. When the bubbles rise up out of the honeycomb perc, the indentations on the glass split up the bubbles, thereby increasing their surface area and therefore smoke filtration.  Because faberge percs are made with the shape of the glass and not actual parts, they’re not easily breakable. This makes them an ideal type of percolator for thicker (7mm+) pieces. Their design is also intended to be decorative. It’s rare for a perc to have such style and elegance while also maintaining such a useful purpose. This makes them an appealing option to those who place real value on the aesthetics of their collection.

To finish it off, this beautiful straight tube is topped off with a sturdily built matrix percolator. Matrix percolators seem to be experiencing somewhat of a popularity wave ever since they were introduced by Mobius Glass. Essentially they’re the same as a stack of showerhead percolators. They provide about as much perc power as honeycomb percs. On top of the matrix percolator sits a stylized ice catcher / splash guard combo, making this piece one of the best looking and most effective pieces we sell.

Comes With

  • 18.8mm Male Glass Bowl


  • Height: 20″ or 31cm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Color: Clear with white accents
  • Percolators: 4
  • Perc Power: 550
  • Joint: 18.8mm Female
  • Cooling Power: 220
  • Drag: 5%
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20″ or 51cm



Comes With:

18.8mm Male Glass Bowl


Clear with white accents



Perc Power



18.8mm Female

Cooling Power





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