Honeycomb Ashcatcher Bubbler

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Dual purpose honeycomb ashcatcher and bubbler. Can easily be converted to serve either purpose. Great for portability, loaning to friends, temporarily replacing broken pieces, or using as either ashcatcher or bubbler.

This unique bubbler / ashcatcher uses a honeycomb perc, which is one of the best percolators available today. In terms of perc power they’re as good if not better than most other percolators. Additionally, because they’re disc percolators, a lot of them can fit into a small vertical space. Furthermore, the fact that they’re one solid piece makes them difficult to break. Finally, the numerous holes don’t create much drag, which means you can consistently get a perfect hit without being slowed down.

This piece is very unique in its ability to serve multiple purposes. If you’re buying your first piece, then this will be a good choice. If you want to add a bubbler to your collection, this is also a good choice. The greatest advantage to this piece is that once you decide to buy something bigger, you can convert this bubbler into a functioning honeycomb ashcatcher and attach it to whatever bong you want. Whenever you like, you can convert it back to a bubbler again. It also comes with a stopper, which you can use in combination with one of the included keck clips to plug up the bowl slide when you’re cleaning your other pieces. Whether you’re replacing a broken bong, you need something portable, or want to loan a piece to a friend, this piece has a wide variety of useful purposes.

Comes With

  • 18.8mm Female Glass Bowl
  • Two 18.8mm Keck Clips
  • 18.8mm stopper
  • 18.8mm Mouthpiece


  • Height: 7″ or 18cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Percolators: 1
  • Perc Power: 150
  • Joint: 18.8mm Male (attachment spot) and 18.8mm Female (bowl spot)
  • Cooling Power: 90
  • Drag: 2%
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7″ or 18cm



Comes With:

18.8mm Female Glass Bowl, 2x 18.8mm Keck Clips, 18.8mm Stopper, 18.8mm Mouthpiece





Perc Power



18.8mm Male (attachment & mouthpiece spots) and 18.8mm Female (bowl spot)

Cooling Power





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