Fritted Egg to Turbine Straight Tube

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14.5″ Tall Bong with new 'fritted egg' percolator and turbine percolator inside unique elliptical chamber. Perfect for those looking for a new and interesting piece.

Now this bong is quite a unique one. With a rarely seen percolator, this bong is definitely going to add something new to your collection if that’s what you’re looking for. This perc has many names that are shared with other similar percs, such as birdcage (often shared by matrix percs), but we like to call it the fritted egg. It has many holes similar to a fritted disc, but the vertical space that they span over allows for more airflow cuts back on the drag, which is the primary criticism of fritted disc percolators. Topped off with a turbine perc inside a uniquely designed elliptical glass chamber allows for some interesting water movement as the water drains from the turbine perc. This piece is perfect for anyone looking for something new and interesting.

Comes With

  • 18.8mm Male Glass Bowl
  • 18.8mm Female Glass Dome + Nail
  • 18.8mm – 18.8mm Female to Male adapter (for using the dome)


  • Height: 14.5″ or 37cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Percolators: 2
  • Perc Power: 400
  • Joint: 18.8mm Female / 18.8mm Male (w/ included adapter)
  • Cooling Power: 165
  • Drag: 4%
  • Splash Guard
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14.5″ or 37cm



Comes With:

18.8mm Male Glass Bowl, 18.8mm Female Glass Dome + Nail, 18.8mm – 18.8mm Female to Male adapter (for dabs)





Perc Power



18.8mm Female, 18.8mm Male (w/ included adapter)

Cooling Power





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