Double Vortex Honeycomb Recycler

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10″ recycler with a honeycomb perc and double vortex drainage chambers. Comes with LED, making it great to show off to friends.

Many people still don’t fully understand the benefits of the recycler design, which is reasonable given the lack of easily digested information out there. If you’ll notice, there’s more than one path for the smoke to take. The smoke goes through the typical path through the percolators, then some of it is carried down by the water via gravity back into the lower chambers via the alternate paths provided by small drainage tubes. This allows the smoke to be “recycled” through the percolators multiple times. This increases the ability of percolators to filter, moisturize, and cool the smoke. Additionally, recyclers are typically designed so that bubbles from percolation tend to pop closer to your mouth. This allows you to get the full flavor and moisture of a freshly filtered hit. Put simply, the recycler design increases percolation power and makes hits more flavorful. This particular recycler uses two vortex drainage chambers which increase the rate at which smoke is ‘recycled,’ leading to smoother hits, as well as provide extra visual interest.

The main percolator this recycler uses is a honeycomb perc, which is one of the best percolators available today. In terms of perc power they’re as good if not better than most other percolators. Additionally, because they’re disc percolators, a lot of them can fit into a small vertical space. Furthermore, the fact that they’re one solid piece makes them difficult to break. Finally, the numerous holes don’t create much drag, which means you can consistently get a perfect hit without being slowed down. This recycler also comes with an LED light attached to the bottom that you can turn on whenever you want to show off your piece, or just so you have something fun to look at while stoned.

Comes With

  • 14.4mm Female Glass Dome & Nail
  • Domeless Quartz Nail (should fit any joint)


  • Height: 10″ or 25cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Color: Clear
  • Percolators: 2
  • Perc Power: 400
  • Joint: 14.4mm Male
  • Cooling Power: 180
  • Drag: 2%
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10″ or 25cm



Comes With:

14.4mm Female Glass Dome & Nail, Domeless Quartz Nail





Perc Power



14.4mm Male

Cooling Power





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